What’s the name of your Week?


Working on time management, I discovered that my weeks have a name – for example, “write off” – no expectations to get anything done because it’s outside my control. Not necessarily bad but helps to visualize it – your boss is in town and no predictions for where she may take you. Or, your in laws are visiting… you get the drift.

An interesting one is “vacation” – you would think there is nothing to worry about. But in a super wired world, you have to choose to be on vacation or that 10% left undone at the office will nag at you. Just a quick peak into email before going to scuba dive – this is absolutely toxic and ruins everything a vacation is supposed to be: a time to refresh, rejuvenate and revert to a time when summer break seemed endless.

If you are heading into what you expect to be a hard week, a name like “beat it” might help to remind you that you will always survive, no matter what. My next week is called “future self” because I will be home alone without my family, and get to test drive an empty nest.

Really fun to play with this – so tell me, what is the name of your week, this week?

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