A letter to my coach


Image This blog entry is dedicated to my coach Luis. He challenged me to write more articles because he likes to read them for himself. Wall of Self Glory, here is one entry for you! Luis is a great writer himself, so this means a lot to me. And it encouraged me to write a more personal piece, to share with my readers what it is like to have a great coach.

Thank you Luis for being my coach – your great voice assuring me it all can be done, your calmness in the eye of my storm. Sometimes I have nothing burning on my mind when it’s time for our scheduled session but I always go into them knowing forward motion is inevitable and talking with you will bring me great insights. Other times, when I go through rough times of parenting a teenager, or get hit by my very own limiting beliefs (aka self doubts) just knowing Luis is there to hold that space of calm for me and always, always enabling me to find great answers, is often enough.

I have never met Luis face to face, he lives in another continent, I see his photograph and he sees mine. I know he has two young daughters and a corporate day job. What comes to mind are these thoughts:

* virtual friendships are real
* my coach is my friend in a professional relationship
* being a trained coach myself, I am not any different from my clients: when it comes to seeing myself without layers of “stuff” I need professional help.

2012 was great, and Luis was such a catalyst. 2013 will be even more fun!

Playing with Ponies and the importance of Self Love


Image Self Love is a difficult concept for many people. Oddly, society rewards misery – think about hearing stories of loss or trauma, and you will feel empathy, possibly reach out and try to comfort them. Similarly, people tend to find a sense of security in their own misery – because if things are bad, at least I won’t be disappointed. Trust in the future and true hope is quite rare.

Read the expert on Loving Yourself – Manuela Pauer“Are you missing out on the most important relationship in your life? It’s not the relationship with your significant other, your parents, or your children… it’s the relationship with yourself!”

Last week, a dear friend of mine lost her dad – even after he had suffered a long illness, it is very hard for her to live without him. To practice Self Love, she asked me to come with her and “play with the ponies”. We took two well behaved horses and rode through Bangalore Palace Grounds. For that hour, she was whole and could re-charge herself for what she is going through every day now, the deep sadness and flashes of memory of time with her dad.

I invite you to think of someone who inspires you, who draws you into a world that is light hearted, where lots of good things happen. You can see how a self-loved person is empowered from within, and from that position of strength is able to give so much to others.

Isn’t it time we truly loved ourselves?