Tomorrow will be better



I just returned from living abroad for three years and getting used to following US politics on a daily basis again, I am very curious about the Government Shutdown. In India, chaos is the daily news: politicians go to jail and continue to rule from their cells, corruption is so rampant that there is no infrastructure except for privately funded projects, yet the Indian government knows how to watch the money. Right now, they are seriously limiting the amount of petrol as they do not have any oil of their own, rising petrol prices bring the Indian Rupee into a downward spin which an already ailing economy cannot afford.

Here, in the US of A, no one around me shows any concerns. Unless you are one of the furloughed government workers – I met one so far. The rest keep going as if nothing were the matter, and today stocks shot up on the news that “talks are looking more promising.” Observing this, makes me ponder what’s behind the common belief that “tomorrow will be better” and therefore it’s okay to live on the fringe, one tiny step away from disaster.

I learned from a financial adviser that one in ten who is seeking her help, will come back after hearing some hard truths. In other words, they come looking for a quick fix in their late years of earning, never having considered the power of compound interest. High earners are living hand to mouth because the stock options will save them, even if they don’t have any now, the next job will bring the bounty. Some will try a quick monetary diet on their own, such as cancelling the $2,000 earthquake insurance policy while driving a $100,000 car. She had a term for that – small time scrimping and big time screwing up.

Another one told me that routinely people have to take out a loan to pay the taxes on their stock gains, long spent the previous year without concern for their tax obligations.

As I am coaching the spouses of high earners, women who had the privilege of staying home to raise their children and now want to start a new career, one of the most common obstacles are their husbands telling them not to rock the boat. Stay where you are, take care of the kids a few more years, and then look for something. Or reminding them that as they are already in the highest income tax bracket, any additional earnings they bring in means very little real money.


But here is another story, of a woman who kicked all that aside and is now working her way into a new business she started, learning and making adjustments along the way, steadily picking up new clients and making a real difference to her family budget.

There is no better tomorrow than today – connect with me to see how you can tackle your new career, financial freedom and finding recognition outside your home office. The first step is moving beyond all the myriad reasons why one should not even try, and then power up to see yourself succeed.

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