Today I want to be my dog



It’s raining hard with gusts of wind slashing water sideways, dark enough at 7am to turn on the lights. If it were Sunday, I would turn over and snooze another hour.

Then I take a look at my dog and marvel at her curled up on a soft cushion, inside yet overlooking the yard. Today I want to be my dog – or any day, for that matter.

As I went about my duties of driving to school, picking up the dry clean, turning on my computer I mused – why not be my dog today and what would that be like?

   I would depend on someone to feed me and provide water and shelter. If I do not misbehave, it will be ok.    Sort of like working for the government, being tenured.
   I get to chase all bunnies that cross my path.   I am having fun.
   I will bark at intruders.   I am fearless.
   I get to snooze in a little girl’s soft bed.  Like having a massage every day.
  I get petted, I get treats for doing silly tricks.   I got your number!
  I can roam the hillside off leash.   This world belongs to me.
  Sometimes I am bathed but I got over that, it only happens once in a while.   Sort of like not leaving the house in PJs and brushing my teeth.

Asking yourself what would you choose if you were your dog, is a bit like the Steve Jobs’ mantra of “Is this a day you want the rest of your life be like.” It’s about not postponing the things that matter, it’s about not taking on one more project you do not enjoy because someone gotta do it. It means to run off leash and think that’s a perfectly normal way of spending the day.

If you have a career you love, you will choose to go to work – not because you have to but because it’s what excites you, it’s where you want to be. People often ask me: “How do I find a job I love?” The one key question to finding your dream job is – will this place, this job, this career, allow me to honor my values and can I do what I am best at?

It’s not about the type of job, or the industry – yes, build upon your experience, training and connections, but do not get stuck on one direction. Picture what it’s like to shop at Costco and know people get paid $20 per hour plus health insurance for bagging your groceries, instead of Walmart where you know they cannot make a living wage.

If this is too radical to consider, you may start with one small change Today. Just for one day, seek out the people, the tasks, the environment that make you happy, relaxed, engaged and at ease. If the nay-sayers call upon you, tell them you’ll get back to them later. By taking control of just one element of your day, you can turn it into a perfect 10. And don’t be surprised if this is your most productive and creative work day.