You think you are too old to claim a new career?


As a c17 magareer coach, I am routinely confronted with reasons my clients present WHY they will NOT be hired. While this is a well know psychological phenomena – if you expect to be disappointed you cannot be disappointed – it is hard for job searchers to really embrace the idea that they are Employable, Talented & Wanted.

For now, let’s look at one of the  common show stoppers:
I am too old to change careers, I am too old to make an impact.

One of my clients who is 50+ came across this story and encouraged me to share with everyone. There was a news flash about Obama’s chef and nutritional advisor as the Obamas were attending his wedding. Turns out Sam Kass‘ grandmother was quite a power house: Helen Valentine founded Seventeen Magazine in 1944 at the age of 51

She later went on to reinvent Glamour Magazine. Whoa – 51 married to a Manhattan banker and reinventing herself. At a time when Madmen still ruled the world.

Pause – 1944 when women were not captains of industry, the term Glass Ceiling did not exist, and 51 was considered too old to play tennis at the country club, forty years before Gloria Steinem stated “50 is the new 30“.





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