About Trixi Menhardt


Trixi has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and North America. Prior to becoming a coach, she worked in corporate business development with a global reach, enjoying her career while being a mother. In 2013, Trixi returned to California after three years in India.

Along the way, her horses taught her to listen, be patient and always end on a good note, which works equally well with small children and irate corporate clients. Her passion is to guide women and men to finding happiness in their career – because we all have to make a living, and imagine what it would be like if we can enjoy the journey.

Trixi is an ICF-certified coach and studied with mentors Alan Meyne (Erickson) and Steve Mitten who taught her to follow her heart and that there will always be forward motion.

Send email to info@coaching95030.com

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The mountaineering shot is from our Mt. Whitney expedition – six women summiting as a team: Katherine is a three-time cancer survivor, Sandra turned fifty and went up without much training but lots of will power, Rina is an avid mountain climber and made sure we would all summit. For me, it was about being with best friends.

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