Career Coaching

The search for career coaching is usually triggered by a problem, like not getting the promotion, needing to advance to make more money, a lack of engagement, or smaller bothers like a difficult conversation looming. Regardless of the issue, the most important step is to move outside your Box. The Box can be quite comfortable – a nice office, an easy commute, stock options – but by definition the Box limits how far you can go, even more, it does not allow you to see what’s outside, the possibility of a stronger self, a better career.

Stepping outside the Box seems such a logical move yet most people need guidance to do it. Some pick a mentor but be aware – a mentor has her own agenda, what works for her does not necessarily work for you. Working with a career coach means Your agenda is the only one that will be honored.

The coaching program is tailored to your needs – you define what it is that You want to achieve. Then we look for your unique talents, values and where the energy is coming from. Sometimes a self-initiated 360 review is helpful to understand how your values are reflected in the organizational culture.

One of the most commonly asked concerns is: what if I get it wrong? Chances are you already got it wrong if you are at the point of considering career coaching. Once we allow ourselves to be who we are, once we stop living someone else’s life, the right choices become visible.

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