For Women

Are you a woman over 35 and do you want to restart your career?Beach7

Women who are privileged to take a break from their career to raise their children and allow their husbands to focus 100% on their business, at some point we realize: 


For some, the career we had before, does not call to us anymore.

For many, the reality of being a parent and a spouse puts restrictions on what we can do.

We know, we are good at what we do. Making money is a natural outcome of a job well done.

If it’s your turn to reinvent yourself, I can coach you from What’s the 1st step to defining and claiming your ideal career.

We will uncover your true passions and talents, map those against real jobs, select the best way to find real career opportunities, choose training and skill enhancements as appropriate, craft a powerful resume and go for it. If starting your own business calls you, the process is similar.

I love coaching women because we are the Yin in a male dominated business world. In my 20 years in sales and business development, I always wondered where all the bright women went that had populated the business schools. Where are the highly trained female scientists and engineers?

Now that your children are older, you can reclaim the stage. At 35 or 45 we are not the same women that left a career behind. We have grown and learned, we have developed new skills and allowed ourselves to dream about the ideal career.

Watching women claim what’s theirs is the most amazing experience for me as a coach. And everyone can do it.

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