4 Expats

Karnataka Gokarna beach2

Moving yourself, your family to a foreign country is a really BIG deal. In the beginning, the sheer onslaught of activities will put you on a hamster’s wheel – relocation, finding schools, getting to know a new city – at the end of the day exhaustion puts you to sleep. One day the frenzy will change to a more normal pace, and that’s when many expats start to wonder why they are here,  feel home sick and a negative outlook sets in.

Moving is one of the top three most upsetting events in a person’s life, so moving abroad is probably the biggest emotional event in your life.

Why should you consider having a coach?

Because your expat time can be a great experience, one that fills the rest of your life with wonderful memories.

The reality is that most expats struggle deeply with their new life. See what one of my clients has to say about being an expat:

“The most important step for me in taking control of my new life as an expat was to find Trixi and ask her to become my coach.”

Learn more here.

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