Testimonials from clients Trixi has worked with.

“The most important step for me in taking control of my new life as an expat was to find Trixi and ask her to become my coach.”
            Expatriate in Bangalore, Lab Manager

“Living and working overseas in a completely different culture presented issues which I could never have anticipated. On top of this I made a major career change which added to the complexity of my situation and the kinds of encounters and decisions that I had to face. During the sessions I spent with Trixi, she systematically questioned me about what I really wanted, what I felt I was good at and how I saw that fitting in the current situation.
The bottom line was – it didn’t. Trixi helped me navigate a complicated change in positions throughout the past year. I am much clearer about what I want in my career and more confident of my worth to my employer. The coaching sessions with Trixi were a big stepping stone to where I am today, I would recommend her without hesitation.”
        Vice President, Healthcare IT

“I had a difficult and highly political business decision to make, my options were all equally risky. Lose-lose! In a one-hour session, Trixi asked me questions to explore and clarify these unappealing options. During this exercise, I discovered a new, rather aggressive alternative that I had not even considered before. Best of all, it had no risk. I implemented it, and it worked – 2 million to the bottom line.
So what happened during the coaching? Nobody told me what to do. Nobody asked me “did you consider this?” Nobody re-assessed my risk assessment. Nobody suggested new solutions. Trixi simply guided me along a thought path that made me see things I had not seen before. I have no idea why I could not do this by myself – but I know I can do it with Trixi!”
       Vice President, Electronic Equipment Company 

“Thank you for being who you are, Trixi. You make such a difference for me and mine.”
        Solopreneur, Educational Services

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