Time Management

Wouldn’t it be cool if you Owned Your Time?
Any random sampling of people will show that we never have enough time – typical complaints are an endless task list, not being able to see progress towards your goals because there is always more to do than you can tackle. Which then results in a condition I call “time” stress – that stress gets dialed up when dead lines loom or one more request lands in your inbox, when a 90% estimate turns out to be   unachievable, or the babysitter quits on you the day of the big presentation.
Are you feeling breathless just thinking about these situations? So, time stress is real and highly unproductive: under stress, we operate from the “take flight” part of our brain, where there is little space for rational decision-making.
A time management system that truly works has to face some truths, it is not about re-organizing your current list or using a cool tool. It is about finding out what does not work currently, how to fix it and then stick with it.
Here are some basic facts to help you understand how you can eliminate time stress:
* keep a journal, and ask some hard questions about how you use your time, for example – who and why do you allow to interrupt you, what would it be like to say No to a request from your friends? What time of day/ where are you most productive to do a certain task?
* define the “end in mind” (Stephen Covey), i.e. how does any given task support your most important goal? Why is this task important to YOU?
* plan your time realistically, what do you NEED to achieve today, this week, this month?
Once you have defined a system that looks workable, practice it! Change takes work, in general any new habit has to be practiced for three weeks before you own it.
Are you curious about Owning Your Time? Drop me a note and I will send you more information.

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