Time Exercise

There are 2 types of “time characters”: people who live In-Time and others who live Through-Time. While we can define some broad descriptors it might not be easy to decide for yourself who you are.

In-Time: Lives in the present, can be late and not aware of it, focus of things in sight – then out of mind, concept of future is fuzzy

Through-Time: good at planning, aware of time and usually on time, less focus on the moment but can maintain attention over time, clear vision of the future.

When working on your own time management system, it is important to understand where you are in relation to these two extremes. As well, as working or living with someone who seems to have a completely different concept of time.

Try this exercise, maybe with the help of a friend:

* Imagine yourself when you were 5 years old, brushing your teeth.
Where did you get that memory?

* Now imagine yourself at 16. Where is that memory located?

* Imagine yourself at 23 or so, graduating from college. Where is that memory?

Mark each point, try a few more memorable dates.

* Where is NOW located?

if NOW is outside of yourself -> you tend to live Through Time
if NOW is inside of yourself -> you tend to live In Time

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